Poor precious lovely angel
With your broken angel wing
Tell us what could have happened
That made you break your wing

The sadness and confusion
Thatís happening around the world
Seemed to make my wing weaker
More and more with each passing day

Children crying late at night
From being left all alone
Wondering if they have a future
In a world filled with doom

Adults filled with great need
To have more and more
Some making money their God
Forgetting what they are living for

Not taking care of the poor and elderly
In a country that is filled with wealth
Wealth wasted by the people in power
That seems to be totally out of control

Now what am I supposed to do
I have this beautiful broken wing
From watching all this pain and sadness
In a mixed up world all confused

God said! If you try to help them
Help them learn and understand
Then your beautiful wing will heal
From the love of your fellow man

©Donna Kramer








Music: You Raise Me Up

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used  With Permission

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