Image By Dark Blue Knight

Jimmy and Bobby sure know,
How to build a house in a tree,
Steps leading up the trunk,
Sized just right for you and me.

Not everyone is allowed inside,
Just the ones in our group,
Been friends forever you know,
Quite the neighborhood troop.

Jimmy was hammering the nails,
Bobby held them in place,
Jimmy missed the nail today,
And Bobby has tears on his face.

Ole Sam ran and got the bandage,
Little Timmy takes great care,
He is the clubhouse doctor,
His expertise he'll gladly share.

Sally looks on in anticipation,
Is Bobby gonna lose a thumb,
She is really worried about him,
He said it had gone all numb.

Jimmy climbs down the ladder,
Stops when he is just above,
Watches treatment of his brother,
Bobby, Jimmy dearly loves.

Ole Sam stands patiently,
Holding the bandage real tight,
Only a little of it gets dirty,
Ole Sam knows how to do it right.

Bobby is not crying anymore,
Seems like the pain has stopped,
Jimmy looks a little leery,
Bobby got the hammer when it dropped.

Jimmy tells Bobby he is sorry,
He did not mean to cause pain,
Bobby tells him not to worry,
But he won't hold the nails again.

Thumb looks as big as a fist,
Timmy wound it up big and tight,
The building can begin again,
Timmy says it will be alright.

Caution is the theme the rest of the day,
Tree house is finished 'cept the door,
Sally's Mom is making curtains,
Tomorrow we will work once more.

Jimmy will hold the nails he hammers,
Bobby will measure and supervise,
Sally hangs the fresh sewn curtains,
Timmy brings a chair what a nice surprise.

Ole Sam has a soft rug under the window,
The gang has no fears anymore,
Ole Sam looks like he is just sleeping,
But he is ever guarding the door.

Gather up the tools and mosey home,
All have had a really busy day,
Come tomorrow a new tree house waits,
And the neighborhood troop will play.

Dreams will fill little heads tonight,
Excitement just can't be contained,
Friends ever since they can remember,
Lifetime friendships have been ordained.

Gayle Davisİ
August 15, 2008





Music: "Ballad Of Thunder Road (Version 2)"

Original MIDI Sequences
Of Various Styles
Sequenced By: Ron Tilden
Used With Permission

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