The Holy Bible stands in such honor,
No one can afford neglect,
Being quoted, referred to, preached from,
Esteemed with highest respect.

This beautiful Bedrock Truth God's Word,
Is the final anchor point,
In this confused troubled world and will,
Never fail nor disappoint.

Gratefully and thankfully O Lord,
I Praise You I'm believing,
You, Your Love, Your Holy Given Word,
With all my heart I'm receiving.

My heart cries to You for those looking,
To Egypt in relying,
On plans, relationships unholy,
Not of You and defying.

O Lord open their eyes to see Your,
Chariots rather than,
Earthly resources that will so fall,
With no hope but death for man.

I desire therefore in every place,
Men pray without resentment,
Quarrels or doubt in their minds to You,
Receiving peace, contentment.

Understanding eludes me at times,
For You're my amazing Grace,
Nothing could ever separate me,
From Your Love ever replace.

For all that I am, all that I have,
Your Grace and Abiding Love,
Keeps me rich, O God How Great Thou Art,
Bringing me to Thee Above.

This beautiful Bedrock Truth is God's,
Library of Books instilling,
All the accounts of God visiting,
Earth, in Jesus' fulfilling.

I Thank You Lord for Your Holy Book,
Accepting and receiving,
Your Word as Bedrock Truth my only,
Anchor point I'm believing.

©Sondra McPherson
21 February 2009







Photo is from Worship Photos

The silver 'corner' from Angekeeper Designs

Music: "How Great Thou Art"

Sequenced By Bob Barnes
Used With Permission

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