The beauty of the season,
Strikes awe in the soul,
Leaves of many colors,
Yellows, orange and gold.

A chillness in the air,
Makes one wrap their arms,
A little closer each dawn,
Lessens not Autumn's charm.

A thick overlay of fallen leaves,
Crunch beneath each step taken,
Lying dry upon the ground,
Their beauty is not forsaken.

The brilliant sky contrast,
Darker shades of Fall,
Birds chirp and flit about,
Talk of Winter's pall.

Squirrels bury acorns,
Their territory now filled,
Food tucked away safely,
Ready for a Winter's chill.

Nature takes a much needed rest,
As the beauty of Autumn proclaims,
Gaze upon my gorgeous Fall colors,
Soon I'll be dull, stark and plain.

The Earth takes on a new look,
Trees become naked and bare,
Camouflage gone until Spring when,
New growth the trees will share,

Wait for me to become clothed,
A new wardrobe will appear,
Mother Nature thus dictates,
To her rules Autumn adheres.

İGayle Davis
14 October 2008










The photo in the top image is Phyllis A Douglasİ
and used with  permission

Music: "Autumn Leaves"

Sequenced By: Hector John Gaudreau
Used With Permission
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