A beautiful Angel high in Heaven's,
Glory looks round to behold,
God's beauty breathing new life with,
Pieces of glistening gold.

She stands there in God's Heaven and clouds,
Among doves surrounded in,
Love sprinkling golden dust to help change,
Summer to Fall once again.

She is Autumn's Angel visiting,
Earth as she does year to year,
When leaves begin to fall from trees and,
One yellow leaf shows up clear.

How wonderful to be God's Angel,
To brighten trees is a must,
Bringing out the lovely hues in leaves,
To lightly disperse the dust.

As she sings a lovely song from on,
High a soft happiness flows,
All over Heaven whispering through,
Out The Earth and God's Love glows.

His Glory moves in the midst of change,
The change of Summer to Fall,
Gracing leaves beautifying softly,
As vivid reds and golds call.

Fall's a time when sunshine and cooler,
Night air spreads new carpets to,
Look grand as trees sway in the winds breeze,
With reds and yellows in view.

All God's Seasons are spectacular,
Spring is the budding of green,
Shades all over forming buds fresh with,
A beautiful bright high sheen.

Actually Fall is like the Spring,
A sort of flowering trees,
Like roses, daisies and zinias,
Changing the colors on leaves.

Nothing seems to compare to the show,
Of color that Autumn brings,
Being unsurpassed anywhere for,
God whispers and beauty sings.

Autumn's Angel high up in Heaven's,
Glory looks round to behold,
God's beauty sprinkling new life with His,
Pieces of glistening gold.

© Sondra McPherson
23 August 2008








Music : "Leaves On The Seine"

Midi and Performance
By Bonita Luciotti©
Copyright By Bonita Luciotti
Used With Permission


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