A world away I feel like Heaven's,
Angel embracing white beams,
The grand archways a stairway leading,
On through soft spun clouds' airstreams.

In this lovely gentle solace life,
Mysteriously exists,
With a heart in total surrender,
To forever have Love's kiss.

Even the beautiful white doves fly,
Round me with serenity,
As splendor whispers of Love's sweet bliss,
With truest sincerity.

And I as well see the bluest seas,
Cascading to glisten bright,
Pure and clear like crystalline waters,
Display when releasing light.

Purity's own sweet waters restore,
Revitalize all living,
Everywhere I look I see Heaven,
Generously lavishing.

Enhancing my fondest desire,
To go up the rising stair,
A soothing calmness comes over me,
In life giving breaths of air.

Quietly I sense a soft essence,
Unveiling and I'm at ease,
As a warmth begins to well over,
With a precious scent to please.

Contentment and joy overwhelm me,
Realizing this Beauty,
Is on the way to Paradise with,
Eternal felicity.

In this lovely gentle solace life,
Mysteriously exists,
With my heart in total surrender,
I as promised have Love's kiss.

Beautiful's the indescribable,
Love to adore every day,
With my heart embracing happiness,
Right here in a world away.

Sondra McPherson
23 June 2008






Music: "Aerith"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin Dream's Midis
"Dolphin Dream's Midi Ocean"
Used With Permission

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