A silver thread is attached to me
A transparent thread that you can't see
This thread has me tethered to our Lord
He envelopes me down to my very core.

And if I happen to start to stray
He reels me in and shows me the way
This thread was made with such love
Created by Him in Heaven above.

He created a thread for all of us
We're to believe in Him and completely trust
Our thread may vary in size and shape
The length and width will show Him our faith.

We're given this thread before we're born
A thread so perfect, not tattered or worn
Each time we stray away from Him
Our thread becomes longer and quite thin.

Our thread is the very essence of life
Keep it strong and be free of strife
So when your final day arrives
Your thread of life will show you've tried.

But always remember to keep the faith
To kneel down to Him and give Him praise
This thread of life He wove for you
This simple thread will pull you through.

Through many of life's tribulations
So all you will know is jubilation
His love He sends via this thread
Just practice daily all He said.

Obey the commandments written in stone
And throughout your life, you won't be alone
Tethered to Our Lord, you'll always be
Until that day comes, when He sets us free.

To be by His side in Heaven above
To know the true meaning of the purest love
Our silver thread will then be cast aside
And in His Kingdom, we will reside.

ęChee Chee Martin










Music: "Awakening"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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