Emily Suzanne Davis
November 29, 2008
Length 20 1/2 inches long
Weight 7 pounds and 8 ounces

A Precious Gift of Life

A Precious Gift of Life thus given,
By the wonderful Lord Above,
Sent to waiting arms to take and hold,
Nestled in a family of love.

A little bundle of joy was born,
Over the rainbow down South,
Lifting everyone's spirits with just,
A tiny twist of her mouth.

Hearts are filled with excitement as eyes,
Beam through tears thanking Jesus,
For sweet little Emily Suzanne,
Beauty and grace touch and dress.

Happiness rings in my heart for this,
New little babydoll here,
In a Winter Wonderland of snow,
Wishing to be Oh so near.

There isn't anything sweeter than,
A baby girl and her scent,
Delicate and flowery like a,
Precious blossom that God sent.

Yes it was close to Christmas Time when,
Dreams came true and many things,
Seemed brighter and happier for this,
Loving little beauty sings.

Her spirit of loveliness brings sweet,
Cooing noises to those near,
Eyes seem to speak as they look about,
Mom and Dad love her so dear.

Brothers filled with happiness as their,
Joy spreads smiles ever so wide,
Laughter rings out in their hearts with love,
A sister with whom they'll reside.

Night time prayers a time of thanksgiving,
Family gathers to talk to their King,
Together giving Praise in earnestness,
Hallelujahs in chorus they sing.

A spirit of pleasingness touches,
Emily Suzanne sweetly,
A wide eyed little doll dainty and,
Nosy watching all completely.

Loving to cuddle and snuggle close,
She gives a cute little smile,
Loving to be talked to listening,
And questioning all the while.

She just loves anybody around,
And she loves to eat and taste,
Food Oh she is a little angel,
Filled with love wanting embraced.

She's such a good baby girl loving,
To sleep soundly and content,
Loving her mobile in her bed so,
Dreamland's one happy event.

Soft as the clouds in the heavens,
This newborn bundle of love,
Captivates everyone around her,
Enlaced in hearts thereof.

Steeped in gentle sweetness,
Family and friends adore,
A baby's loving giving spirit,
Warms hearts forever more.

A Precious Gift of Life thus given,
By the wonderful Lord Above,
Sent to waiting arms to take and hold,
Nestled in a family of love.

İGayle Davis
İSondra McPherson
01 January 2009



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Photos by İLadyGayle

Music: "Over The Rainbow"

Sequenced By Bob Sorem
Bob Sorem's MIDI Page
Used With Permission


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