The ink in my pen forever flows
Spilling forth words so you will know
Enlightening and enriching those who read
Comforting all who are in need.

Allaying fears, making the weak strong
Filling a hunger to belong
Opening the eyes of those who are blind
With words of wisdom, caressing your mind.

Warming a heart that has turned cold
Stirring up feelings that are old
Bringing forth memories of long ago
Causing a smile, creating a glow.

Words scribbled down on this page
Not wanting to upset or enrage
Erasing the cobwebs from your mind
Bringing you forward, forward in time.

To a beautiful place I did create
These visions I hope to communicate
Through my words I'll take you away
I'll lighten your load, brighten your day.

Just read the words I have penned
You'll know that I can be your friend
A poem for you I promise is there
These words were meant for me to share.

ęChee Chee Martin








Music: "Beautiful Times"

"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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