A little white haired lady
Sits rocking in her chair
Thinking of the days long past
When she was young and fair

Her wedding day, her lover,
Standing by her side
She loved him and was so
Happy to be his blushing bride.

The little house that they called home,
So pretty and so neat
And through the years the home
Was filled with children Oh so sweet.

God blessed their home with happiness,
And the years rushed right along
And as they did she filled
Her soul with many a happy song.

This tiny little lady and
The man that she loved so
Were joyous and contented
As they watched their children grow

She was thankful for
Her family every single day
Not thinking of the loneliness
Soon to come her way.

Her one true love is gone now,
The children are all grown
And the little white haired lady
Sits rocking all alone.

ŠJudy Marriott
June 17, 2008