Awakened to a dreary day
Wearing a shroud of gray
Settling over the place
Shedding a mist of tears
At uncertainty and fears
Hovering over the land
That once held promise proud and grand.

A pallor spreads over each face
As the fear spreads abroad
At change on every hand
Threatening every vestige of hope to erase
Of uncertain future hard to understand.

Bowing my head in prayer
I plead, "Dear Lord are You still there?
Hard times stare us in the face
And we are in desperate need.
Won't You please hear my plea
For we have a pressing need of Thee."

As a Nation we have turned aside
From the founding Fathers' plan
Recognizing not that we have been blessed
And the Eagle soars restlessly over the land
For the foe has torn down its nest
Leaving it no safe place to rest.

My heart aches and yearns
For the good old day's return
When God in whom we placed our dream
Ruled Supreme.
Far from Your truth we have strayed
Where our hope once was stayed.

Has the time come for us to pay the price
For our stiff necked pride
And selfish turning away from You
Doing evil and blaspheming Your Name
As many today seem to do
With no sign of shame.

Though my heart trembles and quakes
At the direction our leaders take
With little concern
And little insight to discern
That change should be thought out
So over the changes there is no doubt
But assurance the changes are for the best.

Lord, I bow to Thy Will
And rest in the assurance You are God
And in control of all creation, still
So I rise above my momentary despair
With faith You will always be there
Stretching out Your Mighty Hand
Of protection over our land
And each and everyone who turns to You.

ŠJane Ward Smith
February 14, 2009


Photo courtesy of StockStash

Music: "American Hymn"

Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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