In life I have been blessed
With a friend who lets me be me
With nothing held back
Be it good or bad
For with the good happy they will be
And through the bad times be sad
But through it all we can share
Precious love always there.

Regardless of how things go
I always know
My friend will take it all in stride
Never with-holding their face
But with special grace
Lift me up to my better self
Bringing a smile as I cried
For love is never denied.

I never have to hide
Dreams that spring from inside
For they can be shared unabashed
Knowing that hope will not be dashed
For their open heart will see avenues
Of dreams I can realize
And we walk together to the prize.

To have such a true friend
It is equally true
That I hold the key
For if such a friend I desire for me
I must strive a true friend to be
Giving more than I receive...
A truth I believe.

Jane Ward Smith
December 29, 2008




Chantal Poulin/A.C.P.

Panthera's Link

Music: "Just For You"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission


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