Visions of a flying enchanted,
Galleon and cat with wings,
And one magnificent unicorn,
Float in fantasy sightings.

They sail away on the winds to far,
Off places while a lovely,
Fairy blows fragments of heavenly,
Love to the beings Earthly.

Through the eyes of love a fairy,
Quite beautiful reminds us,
In this mortal world a touch,
Of magic will truly bless.

Hopes and dreams blossom for two chosen,
By God to soar to be yours,
Filled with that magic of love that sings,
Songs to sweeten hearts for years.

Only believe all you see and feel,
In your soul for love is strong,
Precious and beautiful when a man,
And woman as one belong.

Effortlessly and carefree love's like,
Bubbles floating through the wind,
And true love's a fantasy in truth,
Yet magical in love's blend.

Just a little magic blown from the,
Flowering bubble makes days,
More beautiful and enchanting as,
Pieces of dreams crest ablaze.

Watch moonbeams glow just like sunshine flows,
All over and around you,
Truly feeling the warmth with sweetness,
As love's beauty carries through.

Soon enough all the stars will sparkle,
As happiness springs with bliss,
Glistening in the light of the sun,
With closeness and love's first kiss.

Let the flower of love's sweetness bloom,
Allowing God's rose of love,
To grow in your heart for another,
As completeness reigns Above.

And the power of love's beauty soon,
Breezes in your heart and gives,
To that certain chosen one always,
A flowering love that lives.

© Sondra McPherson
20 July 2008

ART by Josephine Wall
Josephine Wall

Song: "Come Sail Away"

Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin Dream's Midis
"Dolphin Dream's Midi Ocean"
©Used With Permission

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