Tell me do you know He Who calls you,
He Who has Refreshing Love,
With Living Waters to wash you as,
White as the Light from Above?

Watch the sunset fire up all aglow,
Warming even through the trees,
So you'll feel the Touch of Jesus' Love,
Like one sweet breath in a breeze.

Do you ever think when you're walking,
To Thank Jesus for beauty,
When He's right there in your midst with your,
Name on His Lips for Glory?

There's A Bridge Of Love beckoning you,
To only reach out and touch,
Feeling His Love He gave for you long,
Ago 'cause He loves that much.

Do you know He is all powerful,
With sweetness with Love that gives,
That He has been calling you by name,
To have Salvation that Lives?

He's the Rose of Love in Majesty,
Being King and Savior too,
While the Holy Spirit stirs within,
Your heart tugging you on through.

Are His angels dwelling around you,
Have you ever noticed Light,
Shimmering brighter with a glowing,
Smelling a sweet scent at night?

I'd say you may as well walk The Bridge,
Of Love soon for it is He,
Calling you to Believe in Him so,
You'll live in Eternity.

Will you draw closer to He Who loves,
Releasing your lonely soul,
Accepting Jesus in your heart now,
To be saved and then made whole?

Just walk one step at a time to He,
Who has Sweet Refreshing Love,
And Living Waters to wash you as,
Bright as God's Son from Above.

The Savior is waiting for you with,
Love and Salvation that lives,
Won't you please let Him in your heart for,
He's Love that always forgives?

Sondra McPherson
26 July 2008




Music: "White Rose"

Original by Jalal Ali
Used With Permission

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