This page is dedicated to my precious
I couldn't have asked for a better one.

Lester Leo Bogardus
August 22, 1921 ~ January 4, 2008

I can still remember some of the very
first words you ever said to me,
"You are just as sweet as your Mom."
We had never met and you and Mom had
come to town for a visit. I was so happy
to see you both.

You and Mom stayed at our homes many
times and we were always so happy to have
you. You always had the wanderlust and
you were on the move often so we missed
you and Mom when you took those trips to
California. You both loved it there and that
is all that really mattered.

I have loved you from the very first
moment we met. I felt accepted by you
from the very beginning. You have been a
great father to me, for almost 40 years,
especially since I was fairly young when my
biological father passed away. I needed a
father figure in my life and you were it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
and soul.

I have always been grateful that Mom
chose you, Pops. I have called you that
from the very beginning. I remember one
time you asked me why I didn't call you
*Dad*. It was because I felt *Pops* was
more endearing and I wanted you to know
just how much you meant to me.

Dick and I were so honored to be your
attendants when you and mom got married
on December 10-1971. You both were so
happy and so in love.

You moved back to California to live after
mom passed away on August 1, 1991.
We were sad to see you go and your health
got worse after awhile. Then came the time
you could no longer talk, so our talks on the
phone ceased. I started writing you more
often and Nancy always told me how you
looked forward to hearing from us. It was
something I looked forward too, also Pops. We
loved hearing from you. I have saved all the
little notes you sent and all the pictures.
When you no longer could write, Nancy made
it possible to call me and let you listen while
I talked to you.... I always cried when I got
off the phone as I yearned to hear your
voice. I am so grateful for the role you
played in my life.

I am sad that you no longer are with us but
I am so happy you are no longer suffering.
You endured so many years of it and I am happy
for your sake it is over and you are no longer
in pain and you and Mom are together again.

I miss you Pops, and I want you to know, you
will always have a very special place in my heart.
May God Hold You Close Always!

Love, Your Daughter

Delilah M. (Dede) Haasİ
January 2008