Image By Dark Blue Knight

Out on a cruise one Saturday night,
three teens set out to see the sites--
in a 40's Merc-(it's age was obscure)
but to them, the best of the best, that's for sure.

Cruisin' along old Highway Three-
chuggin' Blue Ribbon, they were soul free.
They spotted a now familiar site-
a tower-straight up-into the night.

On top the tower, a bottle-big and red.
Two of them turned to the third and said---
"Dare ya' to climb that bottle tower"
and he said-----
"Just watch me-I am filled with power,
had my wheaties this morning with Wonder bread toast-
so I"m rarin' to go--more'n I can say for most".

Oh-that tower-that daunting tower,
soaring thirty feet in the air,
it's girders gleaming-from floodlights beaming
into the atmosphere rare.

Sweat prickled his scalp-his heart was in "palp,"
Oh woe is me-what to do now?
and he thought
I know I can do it, Lord just guide me thru' it,
and I'll be good from now on-this I vow.

Without further "Adieu" he started to climb-
it took around thirty minutes time.
The boys on the ground were silent with fear,
when suddenly he called "Hey look guys, I'm here."

From his perch up three stories or so,
the boys on the ground looked like babes below.
Oh the triumph, the ego-trip--he felt like Buck Rogers
more likely a simile of the "Artful Dodger."

Throw me a Blue Ribbon, guys
Now a soft wup-wup breaks the quiet,
followed by a strobe of piercing light.

A commanding voice said-"Well, looky here,
we got ourselves a mountaineer."
The boys eyes went wide in fright,
"Wasn't doin' nothin' wrong-just havin' fun tonight."

The trooper grinned and called for U.E.
brought him down in the basket for trimming trees.
(Mercury had an Achilles' heel)
They all went to the station in the troopers car,
Their families told the trooper to keep them where they are.
the brothers went out to pick up the Merc.
he's only
allowed to drive it to work--
and he did--
but one freezing cold winter day -that's another story--
tell you later--okay?

Betty Danielsİ
June 25/08