Friendship is a wonderful thing
Which flowers in the Spring
Perfumes the Summer
And colors the Fall
But best of all
Warms the heart in the cold
Winter of life
When fragile and old.

The Winter of life
Is often filled with pain and strife
Of lost strength to carry on
With loved ones gone
And left with only memories
Of how it used to be.

Friendships in the golden years
Ever ready their love to share
Showing they care
Help to wipe away fears
And give hope once again
That life is worth living
To keep on giving.

The winter of life can be icy and cold
Feeling sad and alone
Needing the touch of a hand
With the warmth of friendship they show
Giving a special glow
Making one feel an essential part
Has come alive again in their heart.

In youth I was full of spirit
That brought precious hope
And my eyes were set upon that distant star
Feeling that life would take me far.
With passing of time
Life seemed to pass me by
When no longer in my prime
Needing friendship, passionate and kind,
Touching this life of mine.

ŠJane Ward Smith
January 14, 2008



Music: "Somebody"

Used With Permission

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