The Angels left the Window open,
So daily we can clearly see,
All the beauties of Heaven,
Where we will share Eternity.

Oh such Glory on each face,
No more tears or burdens to bear.
Saints listen closely every day,
The coming of the Lord will soon appear.

Look into the Window of Heaven,
See the crimson river flowing,
If you are weary with care,
You can leave your burdens there.

I'm looking into God's Window,
Heaven's choir is singing and shouting,
Soon God's trumpet will blow,
Children, "Come now, It's time to go.

Looking into the Window to Heaven,
Don't you see His nailed scarred hands?
He is reaching down to hold you,
He promised to help you stand.

As I look into Heaven's Window,
I see Angels arrayed in white,
Oh how I long to join them,
Oh what an awesome sight!

One day we will be like Him,
And Praise Him for all Eternity.
We'll see the Golden Streets of Glory,
Look into the Window, you will see.

As I gaze into the Window of Heaven,
I see my Lord with arms open wide,
He says, "All things are ready now,"
"Come join the party on the other side."

Just looking into Heaven's Window,
I see all that He has promised me,
Mansions, crowns, streets of gold,
What a grand reunion we'll behold.

The Angels left the Window open,
So we can see all of Heaven,
Mansions prepared in that City so fair,
Please friends, Will you meet me there?

©January 2008 Bernice Ward

~ Quote By Bernice ~
"Keep Looking into God's Window Until
One day we'll see Him Face to Face."


Music: "Look For Me"
Sequenced By: David Larch©
Used With Permission

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