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My life is full of heartaches,
Nearly everyday,
I live with pain and misery,
That life has sent my way.

Some days I feel very strong,
Others are filled with pain,
My teardrops are so silent,
I try hard to stay sane.

My burden is a heavy one,
Sometimes I break and cry,
I try hard not to question,
And asked my Jesus why.

We all must bear a cross in life,
Jesus did it for me,
And now I have a home someday,
Up there in eternity.

But the reason behind this poem,
I want to let you all know.
My fight is so much easier,
Because God is in control.

And you too play an important role,
Because you are always near,
When my heart is full of heartache,
And my mind is full of fear.

If you get this poem then you will know,
That you have had some part,
In helping me in my sorrows,
That are tearing at my heart.

The cards, the emails, the little things,
I have stored them in my soul,
And I thank from my within my heart,
You are as precious as any gold.

Ann HartŠ
September 19, 2006


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Music: "Life Is Calling"
Midis-Mickey Gentle
Laura's Midi Heaven
Sequenced By: Mickey Gentle
Used With Permission

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