I was walking to the Library today
I heard footsteps behind me
I held my breath, started to run
Oh, God, please hear my plea

The faster I ran
The harder my heart pounded
I thought I'd be sick
I felt like I was being hounded

I was starting to feel dizzy
Having a hard time breathing
My chest feels so tight
I was now really wheezing

My parents had warned me
"Don't Talk To Strangers"
But, if you need help
Yell for the police rangers

I rounded the long bend
The library was now in sight
Whoever was behind me
Was giving me a fright

My little legs are giving out
And I start to stumble
I can envision it all now
As my life starts to crumble

My imagination is on overtime
I am one scared child
My lungs are gasping for air
Like a caged animal, gone wild

I hear someone calling my name
It sounds so far away
Could this be a dream
Please wake me, I pray

I awake with my Mother's hand
Lovingly stroking my hair
She is one person I can count on
To forever and always be there

Just like God, always so close
Just a whisper or prayer away
Let go of those fears and anxiety
He will remove all of them today

He will be there tomorrow also
Always by the side of all
Who call upon His Precious Name
He will never ever let you fall

Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
April 22, 2008

Some of God's Precious Word
to help guide you through
anxiety & fear.

I Peter 5: 6-7
Psalms 34: 4
Matthew 6: 19-34

Photo of girl courtesy of StockStash

Collage created based on a
tutorial by Veronica~Carver


Music: "He Lifted Me, He Gave Me Love"

ŠJerry Morris
Original lyrics and music
Composed and Performed By: Jerry Morris
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy His Music

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