Sometimes the storms of life are rough,
And you need someone to hold,
And to say the words you want to hear,
Just to keep you in control.

Some things just happen for a reason,
Although we may never understand,
Why some of the things that happen,
Are crushing beyond demand.

You thought you did your best each day,
But youíre left with heartaches and doubt,
And it really starts to make you wonder,
What are you all about.

All you ever needed was to be loved,
Deep from someoneís heart,
So life could make a difference at times,
From the storm that has to start.

Because sometimes the storm stays,
Gripping at the best of you,
And the more you try to fight it,
There is nothing you can do.

Itís time to hand it over to Jesus your Lord,
And just place it in His Hands,
And say Lord I just canít handle this storm,
So itís on Your Promise I now do stand.

© Ann Hart
February 9, 2005









Music: "I'll Never Be Lonely Again"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
Please Go and Buy her Music

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