Sometime troubles will come,
When things seem well and good.
But much is our own fault,
For not doing what we should.

We may often wonder,
Why would God allow such things.
But remember we have a choice in life,
It may be choices that it brings.

It's so easy to blame the Lord,
When things don't go our way,
We never want to take the blame,
No matter what they say.

We have a perfect teacher,
Found in the word of God,
The Bible is our school master,
A perfect rule and guide.

I want to live my life,
In a way that He may say,
You've fought a good fight my child,
When I see Him on that Day.

I'd like to be kind and gentle,
To all I meet each day,
And always remembering,
Each one as I kneel to pray.

There's many in our nursing homes,
And many on the streets,
That we could spread a little joy,
Each time that we should meet.

A smile is such a blessing,
If that is all we do.
It cheers and lifts ones spirits,
Just a smile from you.

Faye Reyenga © 1 / 19 { 2008



Photograph ©Until Then Graphics

Music: "Crying In The Chapel"

Sequenced by: George Cadero
Used With Permission

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