This snowy white graceful swan that glides,
Is an exotic beauty,
She's elegance cherished centuries,
A symbol of purity.

An unspoiled sophistication glides,
On through shining waters heart,
Time and again in reflection's glow,
As God's Own created art.

Soothing to the eyes is God's beauty,
Yielding sweet serenity,
As she sways through rainbow hues showing,
Utmost femininity.

The lovely creatures of God are swans,
Floating like great white flowers,
On a park lagoon or lake or pond,
In the midst of sun showers.

Such beautiful white purity glows,
As rippling waters reflect,
Small displays of sparkling wavelets in,
Musical rhythm perfect.

Graceful on a little sea a swan,
Glides with unique elegance,
In white plumage and long graceful neck,
In the air as if to dance.

Peaking sophistication that speaks,
Quietly in grand repose,
A swan's beauty has unspoiled wildness,
With softness God's love bestows.

Being the embodiment of grace,
She is God's sweet Creation,
That decorates and gently presents,
Unspoiled sophistication.

Sondra McPherson
28 March 2008

Art By Old Hippie Art

Music: "Ebb Tide"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin Dream's Midis
"Dolphin Dream's Midi Ocean"
Used With Permission

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