Through eyes of love gentle winds,
Softly caress with unspoken words,
Soundlessly they beckon to me,
Striking like lightning in a storm.

My heart races as I return your call,
Through eyes of love words exchange,
Anticipation sets aflame emotional desires,
In my heart, carefully your words I frame.

Lightly I feel the touch of your hand as,
You brush your fingers across my cheek,
Through eyes of love I stand motionless,
Silently your aspirations bespeak.

Willingly I walk into your arms,
Lifting my eyes to see your face,
In loving kisses hearts are joined,
Through eyes of love we embrace.

Time stands still for eternity,
Our fate is destined and sealed,
Through eyes of love we are bound,
True love's forever revealed.

Soundlessly beckoning to me,
Striking like lightning in a storm,
Gentle winds through eyes of love,
Softly caress with unspoken words.

Gayle Davis©
03 June 2008




Top Image a share from AngelKeeper designs
Corner designs ©AngelKeeper designs

Music: "Through The Eyes Of Love"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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