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Teacher, the mere sound of the word
Conjures up feelings of curiosity.
On what subject is to be conferred?
For it tends to create a sense of generosity.

The first time I heard about The teacher
So long ago. It was from our Church's Preacher.
During his sermon the groundwork was laid.

A deep lasting impression was made.
Jesus Christ, the awesome terrifying price He paid,
For our souls and a ticket to heaven.
I learned all this before the age of seven
And decided early on that was for me.
A teacher someday I would be.

I must admit I thought it would be a breeze.
However, it surely did not come with ease.
I stumbled along in one fashion or another
Until God, allowed me the honor to become a Mother.

Parents are the finest instructors of us all
And always seem to have a lot on the ball.
Perhaps the miracle of birth affords the way.
For Godís master plan to come to fruition someday.

I thank God that He saw fit to allow me
Some small decision of what my life would be.
My hope is to instill in all those I meet
A chance to come to know our God elite
And His beautiful Son, Who became our Savior
To save the world of it's sinful behavior.

©Carol G (Cali) Oliver

Music: "Dreams"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy Her Music

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