~ An Hour With You~

When we were young and on rather difficult times
Work was scarce: my husband took anything where he could make a dime.
He was roofing far away in another town for weeks.
He had grown long hair and a scruffy beard on his cheeks.

He called me from the highway to come and get him.
I piled the car with the boys and baby to the brim.
This was an excursion I would long remember,
For it was our daughter's first November.

He had worked many long hours for the holiday,
The children and I came first that was his way.
I saw a man thumbing by the side of the road.
I passed him right by that was our code.

I went far past the place to get my love.
Beneath my breath I said a prayer to God above.
Turning around, I passed the same man, Egad!
At this my son cried out "That's Dad."

I slowed down to a snail's pace,
Until I could safely see his face.
It was true, but he hardly looked the same.
He was dirty, tired and the beard was to blame.

When we got home the dog tried to bite him.
The whole scene became quite grim,
He was denied kisses from the baby who cried,
No matter what he said or how he tried.

This called for a serious action.
This beard caused to much of a distraction.
This close knit family had to be saved.
Simple the Head of the house shaved.

©Carol (Cali) Oliver



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Music: "Just In Time"
Smick And Smodoo
Sequenced by Mel Webb
Used With Permission

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