"Dedicated To John, My Youngest Brother"

I feel the pain you are carrying,
You may think I am far away,
But I see all your teardrops,
That flow from your heart each day.

I also feel the burden you carry,
That is ripping your heart and soul,
And you feel thereís nowhere to turn,
And you are left with no control.

Now is the time to hang on to Me,
And never ever let go,
For satan is trying with all he has,
To take and destroy your soul.

Keep your eye on the Eastern sky,
My coming is at hand,
It's then Iíll have the answers,
It is then you will understand.

Every tear you shed will be victory,
Each heartache will earn a crown,
Just remember that I love you My child,
Have faith and remain strong.

Your Friend Jesus

©Ann Hart
April 8, 2008


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