Each day I travel along a path,
Winding through the trees,
A lovely walk to enjoy all nature,
So many things to see.

While walking down that path one day,
I saw a lovely sight.
At the end of the path I saw
Something standing in the light.

A Mermaid sitting in the water,
And a Unicorn I did see,
A white and glowing animal,
Standing beneath a tree.

Was I imagining this beautiful beast?
Or was it really so?
For unicorns have always been,
A myth since long ago.

The body of a snow white horse,
With a long spiral horn in its head ,
With pearl like hoofs,
On strong and deer like legs.

Whether it be imaginary,
Or something I did see,
It will always be a treasure,
Of that sighting of them to me.

I look for the strong white animal,
Each time I take that path,
Hoping some day to see again,
What some just call a myth.

Faye Reyenga 2 / 15 / 2008



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