One of the most beautiful of cats,
The King of The Jungle rests,
In the golden savannah grasslands,
Free and still looking for guests.

Inhabiting grassy plains and scrub,
Country and open woodland,
This hunter stalks quietly for prey,
To finally take his stand.

Magic in pace and mighty among,
Beasts the lion does not back,
Down from any animal when starved,
But the elephant or pack.

To cast fear his mighty roar's heard miles,
Brazen-faced and audacious,
Most animals are afraid of him,
Since he can be ferocious.

In possessing both beauty and brawn,
A mature lion's unique,
Due to thick brown or black mane skirting,
The neck for fighting technique.

The mane provides intimidation,
Making the lion appear,
Much larger and even unequalled,
Creating even more fear.

The lion may be the most honored,
Celebrated cat around,
His yellow fur embodies the sun,
His majesty is renowned.

And he portrays that royal aspect,
Old or youth, past or future,
With passion and affection as one,
Committed noble creature.

Beauty and elegance stroke this beast,
It's good to be king of all,
Being the center of importance,
Nights hearing his roaring call.

Although a lion will be active,
Through the night hours till light,
There is a time of socializing,
Within his group pride on site.

Lion socializing occurs when,
This mighty most powerful,
Cat The King of The Jungle searches,
For fellowship meaningful.

Yes the lion's the symbol of strength,
Esteemed as great royalty,
Possessing dignity and courage,
And a prideful loyalty.

©Sondra McPherson
26 January 2008




Music: "Survivor"

Composed and Performed By Elan Michaels
Copyright By Elan Michaels
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