A golden cross smooth and shiny
Worn upon a golden chain
Is a love reminder to me
Of the price paid from sin to set me free.

Others wear silver crosses so fine
Ever so delicate in filigree
But not so beautiful as the old wooden Cross
That bore my Savior who paid the price
Of forgiveness for the lost.

A simple wooden Cross made from a Dogwood tree
Rugged and roughly hewn
Coarse and common was used that day
When Jesus hung between earth and sky
For my sins to bleed and die.

Most beautiful to my heart
Was the Cross which should have been mine
But Christ took it as His own
And paid the price for my sins to atone.

When I see a cross of ivory delicately carved
Or precious metal burnished bright
Encrusted with jewels rare
In my eyes they never compare
To the hallowed Cross of wood...
The most beautiful in my sight.

So, at the foot of the Cross I kneel
And make my penitent appeal
That the precious blood shed
Cover the stain of my sin
And make me white as snow
So assurance of eternal life I come to know.

ŠJane Ward Smith
March 22, 2008












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Music: "The Old Rugged Cross"

Used With Permission