That old barn is still standing,
Though holes decorate the roof,
It was a fine building in its time,
All the stalls and cribs are proof.

Many times I milked the cows,
Fed the pigs fresh pulled weeds,
Shucked and shelled the corn,
We would give the chickens for feed.

The wagon is falling down,
But makes a good chicken roost,
The hens find a corner to lay eggs,
The Rooster crows as they produce.

The fence is nothing more than post,
The wire has long since rusted away,
I use to sit and peel stalks of cane,
Cut and chew it the entire day.

I played in that old falling down barn,
Could scale the ladder in seconds flat,
Punch little holes in the seed peanut sacks,
And with big Red Wasp do combat.

The hole in the front of the barn,
Was for loading and unloading hay,
I made my escape there many times,
As I’d see Daddy walking my way.

You see I was picking the peanuts,
From the Croker Sacks he'd saved,
But that tasty morsel I'd sneak,
Was worth the wrath I braved.

There were big cribs filled with corn,
Weevils and rats they would draw,
Always fighting them for the corn,
We needed to fill the chicken's craw.

We had a pulley with a rope,
Tied from the barn to a nearby tree,
I would happily glide from the barn,
Down the rope exuberant and free.

I would love to relive those times,
Release the rebel inside of me,
Grab the pulley and glide again,
I’d ride from that old barn to the tree.

I look back over the past with tears,
Wishing I could reverse the aging,
See again a sturdy weathered barn,
And be a young girl happy and daring.

Gayle Davis©
07 April 2008



Music: "Ticket To Paradise"

Original MIDI Files
Composed and Arranged
By: Ed Hargardine
Ed Hargardine©
Used With Permission

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