When will the tears cease,
Stop cascading down my face,
Will I ever face a new day,
Where hurt is a mere trace?

I am but a shell of humanity,
No purpose to arise each morn,
My will to live has dissipated,
Leaving me sad and forlorn.

No hope arises inside my soul,
Hunger is a stranger to me,
Sobs continue to rack my body,
Emotional trauma is all I see.

My world has collapsed,
Nothing left to call my own,
You were the essence of life,
Only with you was happiness known.

So little time together,
Before death snatched you away,
Why does joy have to end,
Leaving a trail of hurtful dismay.

My heart no longer beats,
But echoes emptiness,
Resounding through each cell,
Screaming of my loneliness.

I greet the darkness of the night,
Somehow it brings me closer to you,
I reach in lonely desolation,
Begging to follow, for I am so blue.

Take me too, Oh shadow of death,
Leave me not to suffer this way,
Grant my wish to unite with my love,
Without him I cannot face another day.

The tears continue in profusion,
There was no answer to my mournful call,
Left to drown in this sea of sorrow,
Tides of tormented anguish still befall.

I close this day without hope,
Welcoming again the darkness,
Hiding in a sightless void,
Consumed by a world of sadness.

I have no desire to continue,
Life without you is no more,
I long to join you once again,
Come for me I painfully implore.

Gayle Davisİ
05 April 2008





Music: "Emptiness"
Visit Yuko Ohigashi Plays Solo Piano
Used With Permission
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