The sweet promise of love serenades,
Your heart and mine revealing,
Little pieces of heavenly bliss,
Ecstasy with its feeling.

You're so attractive and confident,
When your eyes hold elation,
Showing me I am your joy and pride,
Your only inspiration.

I look at you as I'm held closely,
In arms of undying love,
Feeling the beating heart of passion,
Overpowering thereof.

Emotions priceless forevermore,
Surround me in sweet promise,
Love's intimate caress embraces,
Anticipating your kiss.

The touch of your hands on mine ever,
Has a warmth that sets afire,
My feelings of belonging to you,
As your only desire.

Looking at you is my happiness,
Knowing you're mine fervently,
Seeing tenderness upon your face,
Seeking me ever gently.

As your heart fulfills even my soul,
To honor love's sweet promise,
A devotion to love only me,
Truly seals our paradise.

Magic moments will forever be,
Overwhelming both of us,
For love will keep our existence sound,
All around wanting to bless.

Precious moments survive together,
To whisper us through the years,
You loving me and I loving you,
Patiently enduring tears.

Love's sweet promise will lie in the eyes,
And in the touch of lovers,
Embracing as only soul mates know,
When love's power uncovers.

©Sondra McPherson
17 December 2007















Heart Graphic ©RosePetal Graphics

Music: "Jewelz Theme"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission


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