Polished and elegant a mother,
Leopard and her cub look around,
Rest comfortably on a tree branch,
Foreseeing their hunt on ground.

Thick woods and rocky fields with water,
Are their favorite places,
Yet they survive the daytime up trees,
As rosy rings mold faces.

Cubs live with mothers about two years,
Then they're alone on their own,
To go about trying out new grounds,
Surviving that great unknown.

A twitch of tails may be the only,
Give away for these silent,
Solitary big cats that can hunt,
From trees with force violent.

The Stunning Leopards preyed on by man,
For their wisdom and soft fur,
Will move every two or three days and,
Warn with a raspy cough purr.

Whether in dense bush, misty forests,
Rocky places warm or cold,
Their spotted coats of many rosettes,
Are prized sightings to behold.

Such beautiful creatures tend to glide,
Away in the brush wary,
If disturbed by animals or man,
With a spring that won't tarry.

The most secretive and elusive,
The Leopard is a cunning,
Stealthy hunter of prey and is one,
Accomplished climber running.

And it has been known that most lions,
Will try to sneak up on food,
Wanting to steal a Leopard's own kill,
Finding out again how shrewd.

You see the Leopard is the shrewdest,
Outsmarting once more again,
Being the climber pound per pound it,
Halls food to its tree domain.

Yes they're rare beauties in their bright coats,
Ranging in orange and fawn shades,
Often called coats of many colors,
That disappear in bush glades.

Graceful and powerful the Stunning,
Leopards rest high in the trees,
Surprisingly well camouflaged on,
A perch to blend in with leaves.

©Sondra McPherson
19 August 2007







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Music: "Survivor"

©By Elan Michaels
Spiritually Healing Music of the World
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