Why is my heart so heavy today,
Why must I suffer this fight,
Why are the tears so hard to stop,
When I try with all my might.

Why do words cut like a knife,
Killing you heart and soul,
Why is there so much heartache,
That no one will ever know.

Why do I have to live in torment,
To listen to bickering each day,
Why I am not allowed to be me,
When I try to walk the way.

Why is this burden haunting me,
To the point of this despair,
Why is the world so cruel,
And why are certain things unfair.

I thought I was loved, am I so wrong,
To think I will be left all alone,
To fight the battles that attack me,
That the world has never known.

My trust is slowing slipping away,
And I thought I was so strong,
And in my heart I struggle at times,
Wondering where I went wrong.

ŠAnn Hart















Music: "From Where I Am"

Sequenced By: Enya
Used With Permission

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