When summer time came around,
It really was a treat,
Just to spend a week with Grandma,
Made vacation time complete.

My Grandpa had a small farm.
My Grandma had a country store,
With all the staples in stock.
No other store for miles or more.

When Grandma gave me candy,
It was a great delight.
Getting a bottle of Ne-Hi soda,
Was rare and made things right.

She always kept the store locked.
But when a customer came,
I could go in and look around,
Then drool at all the candy canes.

The store had what we called loaf bread,
So another treat was on track.
She kept homemade jelly and jams,
Always ready for a snack.

Thinking of loaf bread and jelly,
Would make my mouth water,
Making it so long to wait,
For jelly, bread and fresh butter.

Twelve o'clock was dinnertime,
When Grandpa came in to eat.
After eating I sat on the porch,
Rocking with him, which was neat.

Afternoon gone and suppertime over,
Sun gone down, darkness began,
So bedtime came around early,
Then I could dream of fairyland.

Grandma had a small lean-to room,
With a tin roof and featherbed.
This was my bedroom for the night,
I loved when it rained overhead.

Then when morning came around,
Up at sunrise with a passion,
And began the day getting ready,
To do the week’s washing.

But I will have to put this off,
For another time, of year.
It was a big all day job,
And is too long to tell here.

©Codell Reed Donehoo

Music: "Oh, How The Years Go By"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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