A hatbox full of treasures
letters trimmed with gold
mem'ries of a lover
back from days of old

That special day approaching
when love is in the air
inside the box, a greeting
'I Love You', message clear

Along its edge, red satin
sweet scent of your cologne
tears build up inside me
as memories unfold

You never signed your letters
but yet, I always knew
that ev'ry card, love greeting
sent to my heart, from you

Valentine's Day
for lovers
when hearts and souls embrace
inside the box, our picture
days of yore retraced

This heart just keeps on wishing
the telephone would ring
alone I sit in silence
tears flowing down my chin

Thoughts of you play leapfrog
go dashing thru my mind
if only I could step back
to that other place and time

To times when we were happy
'fore Angel's called you home
always we were soulmates
our love was real, so strong

This year there'll be no flowers
to brighten up my home
no candlelight or romance
dinner spent alone

Ah yes, perhaps I'm crazy
but, still I love you true
my heart and body quiver
with every thought of you

I read another letter
'n hold your mem'ry near
floating now in puddles
with soggy, yesteryears

Am sure I felt your presence
soft kiss upon my cheek
eyes focused on the hatbox
again, I took a peek

Inside the box, like magic
which took me by surprise
red petals topped new greeting
put sparkle back in eyes

Written words that moved me
heart wore the biggest smile
felt your touch, heard whispers
were with me, all the while

Misty eyed I read it
the messege very clear
felt all warm 'n cozy
just knowing you were here

'I love you, now, forever
remain within your heart
honey, please,
no crying'

and, unsigned was the card

Was this just imagination?
that wishes sometimes bring
re-reading the lines, 'n knowing
it came 'pon Angel wings

Oh yes,
I loved the verse,
it was unsigned...
after all

held it close
then closer
embracing sweet

2008 Rose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)
February 6, 2008



Java Script courtesy of Lissa Explains it All
Color Scroll Bars
Courtesy of:
 Dynamic Drive

Music: "Somewhere In Time"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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