She crept into my room again,
Last night. I never know just when ...

Her evil presence will appear.
Do I detest it, do I fear it?

I must say, I do, you see;
For, when it comes, it tortures me.

She lays her head upon my chest
And sucks my breath. There is no rest ...

As 'now, I lay me down to sleep';
No peace for me as she doth creep.

This dreaded evil, that descends,
Paralyzes me and sends me ...

To a realm so far away;
A world of dreams that bids me stay.

With ropes of iron, I'm shackled down
By unseen forces; all around.

Silence rules, my voice-- no more,
No words or whispers; evil whore!

I cannot hear, a buzz surrounds.
Why canít I move? My heart, it pounds.

I fight and struggle to be free.
But still, she stays and torments me.

And should I die before I wake,
Was it her, did she take ...

My soul from me as she did creep
Into my world, while I did sleep?

© 2008 by Dot McGinnis

Isaiah 34:14
"Wild beasts shall meet with hyenas,
the satyr shall cry to his fellow;
yea, there shall the night hag alight,
and find for herself a resting place."



Music: "Long Road Ahead"
Original Compositions
By: David Rubenstein
Copyright (C) 1997-2005
Used With Permission


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