It's overwhelming to see the first,
Scarlet Tanager of Spring,
His flaming red color is so pure,
So bright it makes one's heart sing.

He's a song bird with a raspy call,
Sightings are a rarity,
Being found high up in the trees with,
Birds of similarity.

It seems this American song bird,
Is a relative quite close,
To the Cardinal yet he sings songs,
Like a Robin's warble most.

His plumage is very attractive,
And unmistakable too,
Bright scarlet head and body with black,
Tail and wings gorgeous to view.

His home in Winter is the tropics,
Spring, Summer and Fall the States,
In deep forests even parks where,
He eventually mates.

The male arrives early from his stay,
In Winter in Mid March and,
Stakes out his territories in peak,
Time of April as it's planned.

He also warns other males away,
While he sings persistently,
From each spot with sweet songs attracting,
The female diligently.

The female Scarlet Tanager sings,
A song in answer in soft,
Shorter bursts less harsh tones gathering,
Nesting grass and twigs aloft.

She's less attractive being dull green,
Above with yellow below,
And dark brown wings so as to blend well,
In the foliage and not show.

This little songbird is out of sight,
Foraging high in the trees,
He at times flies out to catch insects,
In flight soaring like the breeze.

It's because his diet is insects,
So he hawks for wasps and bees,
And the many destructive insects,
Plus berries and fruit in trees.

He is hidden in the dense foliage,
But a shadow may soon dance,
Through a sunspot revealing he's there,
Hopping across quite by chance.

Bright and beautiful is this,
Seven inch little song bird,
Looking for food high in the tree tops,
Hardly ever seen yet heard.

Bird Watchers who have patience will find,
Scarlet Tanagers of Spring,
Perseverance will be rewarded,
When in song this bird will sing.

Sondra McPherson
11 March 2008





Digital Art by Jaguarwoman

Music: "Birds Of Morning"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin Dream's Midis
"Dolphin Dream's Midi Ocean"
Used With Permission

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