I have safe kept memories
Of time and place
Fleeting glimpses of a precious face
And words fitly spoken
Hidden in my heart as a token
Of the cord they struck
In my heart leaving an imprint
And stored away
To bring forth another day
Blessing me once again.

Memory of a smiling face
Of someone who became dear
As we shared year by year
Sentiments and time
Building a friendship
That over time did not slip
But held fast
Binding hearts true
That would forever last.

Memory of a word fitly spoken
Like pitchers of gold
That would forever hold
Special meaning it had at the time
That affirmed me in a special way
Encouraging me when times were rough
To carry on for the prize
Which long had been sought
Now within grasp right before my eyes.

A safe kept memory of a place
In days of yore
I bring back to visit once more
To recapture the peace I found
Where sweet love did abound
Spilling over to include me
With assurance I would always belong
To this place I call home.

These safe kept memories
Are like treasures stored away
In a gilded box
To be taken out from time to time
And held in my hand
To gaze at the reflection
Of love on display...
Cards, letters and jewels...
Tucked safely away,
Little pieces of my heart
With which I will never part.

When I visit these safe kept memories
I realize that my life has meaning
And love has filled, not only the crevices,
But the whole of my life
From beginning to end
And all the times between
Whether times of joy or strife
With a ribbon of love circling round
So together all is bound...
A life rich with love and happiness
Letting me know I have been so blessed.

ŠJane Ward Smith
May 4, 2008

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Music: "Memories"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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