Today in deep reflection
thoughts tiptoe thru my mind
have I done my very best?
in this life...
of mine

Were gentle words of comfort
all they had to be?
did I give completely
every part of...

Did these eyes show feeling?
was love alone, enough?
have I always been there?
when times for you...
were rough?

I hope to be remembered
when I'm laid to rest
waltzing with my conscience
have I really...
done my best?

Have I made a difference?
within this troubled world
do my words have meaning?
when inner thoughts...

Do I show compassion?
for those who suffer pain
did my words encourage?
was my friendship...

Do my children realize
I'd give my life for them?
was I kind and gentle?
to all of...

Do I have true understanding?
speak with guided tongue
have empathy for others?
trying never...
to condemn

Have I made choices wisely?
forgiven, let past go?
learned by mistakes, grew stronger?
let inner spirit...

Do I set example?
practice what I preach?
open heart to others
though they're...
out of reach?

I just can't help but wonder
what will I leave behind?
if tomorrow starts without me
will I...
cross your mind?

Will my heart songs linger?
in a sort of special way
this above all...
just wish I knew
will memories...

2008 Rose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)
January 4, 2008







Music: "Pathetique Sonata"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy Her Music

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