"Surely the Lord is in this place;
and I knew it not."  Genesis 28:16

While vacationing in Florida
With my daughter’s crew,
We watched people parasailing,
Looked like fun from our view.

Then my son-in-law began
Tossing a thought about,
And got everyone excited
So parasailing won out.

All the crew was ready to go.
I rebelled , “no not me.”
After much talking and persuading
Finally I had to agree.

We had to ride in a little boat
To get out to the big boat.
Only the water was really rough
So was hard to stay afloat.

By the time we got to the big boat
We were soaked on every side,
With water in our eyes and face,
Laughing and enjoying the ride.

When getting into the big boat
We had to have some backup.
You had to put your leg up high
Then you had to leap up.

Water being rough, with one boat
Rolling one way and one the other way,
It was hard to get into the boat
Without making a display.

Trying to keep the boats steady
Someone pulled “HA HA”
While another person pushed.
I made it over, “Hurrah”

When our time came to go up,
We were tightly buckled in
And went sailing in to the sky,
This awesome journey to begin.

Although the water was so rough,
And we were connected
To the big boat that was in charge,
All the jerking was not expected.

It was after a few minutes
They always brought you down
To dip you in the water.
Someone yelled don’t dip them.

We were saved from a dipping
By someone with an outcry.
All that was dipped was our feet,
Then back to sailing in the sky.

If you even have a doubt
That Grandma went parasailing,
Pictures were made just to prove
That it was all true.

If you had been around at the time,
You would have laughed too,
Watching Grandma parasailing
At the age of Eighty-two.

©Codell Donehoo


Photograph ©Until Then Graphics


Music: "Sailing"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission


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