One act of kindness will grow and grow
And one never knows how far the ripples go
Nor the lives it will touch
Blessing those needing much.

Kindness shown to a child as it develops and learns
Showing love for which it yearns
Builds a solid foundation on which a beautiful life grows
As on and on it goes.

A word kindly spoken heals a broken heart
Like a soothing balm
Turning agony into calm
So laughter returns again.

A smile at the right moment
Lifts a troubled soul
Struggling to be bold
And venture out taking a hesitant step
Reaching out for help

Extending a helping hand
To give needed aid
To one desperate and afraid
Is like a lifeline to a drowning man
Bringing him to the safety of land.

A pat on the back
Complimenting success rightly deserved
Lends encouragement to press on
To achieve higher goals than ever known.

To one feeble and old
Feeling sad, abandoned and alone
The kindness of a sympathetic touch
Encouraging them to carry on
Is more precious than gold.

One never knows when given
How an act of kindness
Will ripple like waves of the sea
Bringing untold happiness to you and me.

Let acts of kindness ever flow
From the heart of you and me
And great love bestow
So another life will richer be.

ŠJane Ward Smith
May 20, 2008