Dear Lord, once Mommy's gone,
I'll need Your strength to carry on.
Once Mommy's gone who will say,
"Lord, keep your hand on my child today?"

In my mind I will always see my sweet Mommy's face!
No other person in this life could ever take her place.
My Mommy has always been so good and kind.
It seems she can almost read my mind!

She has the uncanny ability to realize when things are amiss.
When I was a child problems were solved with Mommy's kiss!
As I grow order and time goes by,
We really "See eye to eye!"

Time spent with Mommy goes by too fast.
We both wish it would last and last!
I'm not an only child but it's plain to see,
That nobody is closer to my Mommy than me!
I wouldn't say I am Mommy's pet,
But we're about as close as you can get!

Momma wasn't blessed with the finer things in life.
But, God sure blessed Daddy when she became his wife!
Us kids can vouch for her being a loving Mother!
As far as we're concerned she is second to no other!

Lord, once Mommy is gone my heart will have an empty space,
That can only be filled by God given grace.
One thing for sure my life will not be the same.
No more will I hear her gently call my name!

So Lord, even though I'm no longer a kid,
Will You take me in your arms and love me like Mommy did?
And, though things won't ever be like they have always been,
One day in Heaven I'll see my precious Mommy again!

Robert F. Dotson 1994




The painting is by Felix Friedrich Von Ende.

Music: "If I Could Hear My Mama Pray Again"

Sequenced By : Frank (Grandpa) Schober
Used With Permission

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