“Old age is a blessing”,
I wrote 20 yrs ago,
I didn’t know any better,
I was still there to go.

But now, almost eighty,
And “pain” is my friend,
My constant companion,
With me till the end.

My eyesight is diminished,
Arthritis day by day,
And all my pills and potions,
Don’t make it go away.

The headaches they, are blinding,
They make you trip and fall,
The acupuncture needles,
Do not work at all.

My cane, by my bedside,
In case I “need to go”,
Old age ain’t no blessing,
Maybe you want to know.

You ask me, how ye'r going,
Oh, please, give it a rest,
'Cause I don't feel like lying,
But, I like to get it off my chest.

I've got a constant headache,
My back, it gives me hell,
My feet are both arthritic,
And my dentures don’t fit well.

My ticker is erratic,
And my blood pressure is sky high,
I am a little diabetic,
And I've got floaties in my eye.

I have a hip replacement,
That is not working out,
They have just put in a new one,
And took the old one out.

And then there is my other leg,
Affected by some gout,
My arches have been dropping,
For forty years or more.

I also have cholesterol,
And my neck is pretty sore,
My lungs are shot from smoking,
Sometimes I gasp for air.

My scalp is getting colder,
I'm slowly losing hair,
You ask me” how ye’r going”,
Do you really want to know.

I'm sure you have your problems,
That you surely like to go (away),
But I am NOT complaining,
I still think I'm okay.

I am still not on crutches,
Or in a wheelchair, anyway,
From now on, please stop asking,
How are you today?

I may just have to ask YOU,
And let YOU have your say.

©Ton Antheunisse – 2001/2007




Music: "Share The Load"

Words And Music© (Ton) Antheunisse
Original composition and performance By:
Anthonie (Ton) Antheunisse©
Used With Permission

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