Lord, as long as I shall live,
Honor to Thee I will give,
For all You have done for me!
My voice I will gladly raise,
With humble heartfelt praise!
Oh, how wonderful it is to be free!

Once I was filled with doubt.
I couldnít find a way out,
Of satanís awful prison cell.
My life was filled with shame.
Sin was to blame.
I was definitely on my way to hell.

But, then one happy day,
You passed by my way,
And You were a sight to behold!
I called out Your Name in prayer,
And with tender love and care,
You brought this lost sheep,
Back into the fold!

Lord, I just want to say,
That Iíll never be able to repay,
The debt of love I owe to You.
But, Iíll try just the same,
To glorify Your Name,
In everything I say and do!

Robert F. Dotson © 2007







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Music: "I Praise You, My Father"

By Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Copyright © 1998 Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Used With Permission