Image By Dark Blue Knight

Hello again mommy,
I see you're here too,
and I also see that
God has forgiven you.

For everything you did,
for everything you do,
I will always love you.

You know I'm glad to see you again,
I'll always remember you,
and know you remember me,
but guess what God loves you too!

Now you're here in Heaven with me,
no more pain,
no more misery.

We will always be together,
in mind, heart, and soul,
whether we're young or old.

The rest of the family will be here one day too.
so they will be able to see me and you,
and I love them too,
but now that I'm sitting here thinking it through,
I've never loved anyone,
as much as I love

©Caitlin Knight
November 11, 2007




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Music: "Angel Eyes"
By: Bruce Deboer
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Used with permission.
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