Time to say our night time prayers,
Are you ready my little friends,
We must bow our heads in silence,
And words to Jesus we will send.

Now Teddy you begin the prayer tonight,
Next Dolly it is your turn to pray,
You know I always wait until the last,
I know how to say them the bestest way.

Ok we must fold our hands just so,
That's the way Daddy does his hands too,
And Mommy holds hers just like this,
Now close your eyes until we're through.

Now I lay me, Teddy I can't hear you,
You're supposed to say it out loud,
So Dolly knows when to start her part,
And of you both I can be real proud.

God as we kneel before you this night,
We pray that you will take care of everyone
Heal the sick and make happy the blue,
Teach us how to be more like Your Son.

Dolly it is your turn to say your prayers,
Jesus forgive us for our bad times today,
Stay close beside us keeping us in Your arms,
We thank You Jesus for helping us to obey.

That was very good my sweet Dolly,
You said your prayers so sweetly too,
Now I will finish them up for us,
And our hearts will be washed like new.

Dear Jesus please stay with us tonight,
Take care of Mommy and Daddy too,
Wash our fears away and give us peace,
And help us Lord to always love You.

I know You are here with us Jesus,
And You keep us safe from harm,
We ask You to take care of everyone,
Just wrap us all in Your strong arms.

All of these things we pray Lord,
Please forgive us of all of our sins,
And make peace in the world Lord,
We love You Blessed Jesus Amen!

Gayle Davisİ
15 June 2008











Music: "Missy's Lullaby"

The Music Of M. C. Shelly
Written, Arranged and
Performed By: M. C. Shellyİ
Used With Permission

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