Original Photograph By Viveck Chugh

I saw a man just sitting
On the gutter in the street
His clothes were torn and ragged
There was nothing on his feet

His face looked drawn and saddened
As if troubled by world's woes
But what really was the problem
Was something I could not know

Everyone just passed him
None would give the time of day
It seemed the whole world wanted
For him to go away

I went to move on past him
While thinking of his thoughts
Although I wanted to move onwards
My mind said to lend support

I looked more closely at him
Saw he was not that old
That few rags that he was wearing
Would not hold out the cold

Reached my hand out to him
Asked if he'd come with me
His eyes looked dully upwards
Unheard "Help Me" was his plea

He rose and stood beside me
I helped him stand upright
Made up my mind immediately
He'd have a bed tonight

Took him to a restaurant
All other patrons stared so still
Placed an order for him
So he could eat his fill

Then took him further down the street
And left him free to choose
Told him that I'd be paying
For his new clothes and shoes

Once dressed he looked so different
Those around did no longer stare
Then he spoke his first words to me
"Can I thank you with a prayer?"

I took him home that evening
So he could rest his weary head
Told him that he was welcome
Until he knew what lay ahead

Days later would find him working
Found a place to call his own
I know that I felt better for it
To see he was no longer alone

Went to Church on Sunday
Saw he was part of the throng
Heard his voice so loudly
As he praised the Lord with song

And once the service over
He walked right up to me
Told all around who'd listen
That I'd helped to set him free

He spoke with great conviction
With clear voice that was so strong
Of days when others chose to judge him
Although he'd done no wrong

He told, never judge another
On whatever you may see
Remember our Lord was seen a criminal
On His way to Calvary

Extend a hand in kindness
Be sure to show your love
And your reward will surely find you
When you meet the Lord above

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
3rd March 2008
All Rights Reserved

Hebrews Chapter 13
Verses 1 - 2

Let the charity of the brotherhood abide in you.
And hospitality do not forget: for by this some,
being not aware of it, have entertained angels.







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Music: "Angels Dwell Among Us"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Composed By  Haven C. Krueger
Used With Permission