To the heavens I look longingly,
Waiting looking forward to,
Expecting any moment to see,
My wherever promised you.

In the quiet of night I hear songs,
Sweetly singing of love true,
Promises and all to inspire hopes,
And dreams of your soon debut.

With all life's happenings tears fall when,
Life's whispering winds recall,
Intense feelings of unhappiness,
The loneliness most of all.

From my heart to yours my falling tears,
Seem to glisten lovingly,
As heavenly glows reach out touching,
The stars with wishes from me.

I believe in the Only Maker,
Of all starlights and moonbeams,
Hoping for you as He's the Giver,
Of love my Keeper of Dreams.

You see now and then my heart's lonely,
Only you I wish to view,
To share my heart to give all my love,
My wherever promised you.

Somewhere in time in the soft moonlight,
I see in my mind blue eyes,
Mingling with mine of amber and then,
Never will there be goodbyes.

Being alone for these years yielding,
To God's Spirit leading me,
I've learned to be patient following,
Him enduring what will be.

Still and all I wish upon a star,
Standing in heaven's moonbeams,
Hoping for you as God gives to me,
Impressions in all my dreams.

In the still of night and days love songs,
Sweetly sing of your love true,
Promising me of your debut soon,
My wherever promised you.

©Sondra McPherson
22 December 2007

Music: "Keeper Of Dreams"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.

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